Something About Luck

People speak about luck as one of the happenstances of life. True, it is. Some others sit at a spot expecting that as a result of their prayers some unexpected luck will show up. Delusion, luck don’t happen like that.

Luck is something you stumble on when you’re working hard and smart at what you do. Your journey will bring you into connections and situations that are the effects of past causes. Things you meet in your path tomorrow are a result of things laid down yesterday, whether it be time well invested, some series of good deeds done, some work well done, or expectation upon a plan conceived, or the strength of your thoughts upon that thing you are working on.

Thoughts are things. Once released into the universe, they go to do magic. So, it can be said that luck is caused by you in the first place, and the universe gives it life to find the place, the person, and the time for a certain unexpected manifestation that we call luck.

Same as good deeds done to people, services excellently rendered, relationships well cultivated, and even your character well formed to attract to you those who want people like yourself, people of good character.

To expect luck without work is diabolic, a mindset of laziness of someone who wants surprised harvest without planting.

Look at animals, they leave their habitation, scout the environment and stumble on surprise meals. Both the predator and the prey, they find something luckily. How much more humans?

Remember, luck is something you stumble on when you’re working hard and smart at what you do. You can break your own heart not loving yourself as you should, not taking care of yourself, not growing yourself, not honing your skills, and not placing yourself within opportunities of learning and performance.