How to Be Authentic in the Workplace

I have participated in many discussions on how Black people show up at work and what it’s about being authentic in the workplace. As I ponder, I feel the need to address this as some organisations are taking a different direction in inclusive practices.

Being authentic in the workplace can be challenging, especially for Black women. Throwing light on this subject will help women perform well at work especially if you work in HR.

The following practical tips and strategies are applicable to embracing authenticity while also maintaining professionalism and navigating workplace dynamics effectively.

To begin, we must address the Toxic Workplace. We need to create an environment to ensure safety and security for everyone.

The toxic workplace is a pervasive issue that negatively impact the well-being of employees. HR needs to recognise toxic environments and instantly respond with strategies for a toxic-free space, with provision for self-care and a safe place.

Next, is to address the toxic environment, we need to work on effectively nurturing workplace culture. Leaders need to create an environment where employees attain levels of career advancement and personal or professional growth.

Organisations should explore ways in which everyone can leverage their unique perspectives to thrive while staying true to their values and identity.

Ensuring that the environment is safe, will also aid to coordinate responsibilities within the organisation. There is a strong need to factor in actionable steps to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion by initiating processes that implement anti-discrimination policies, provide diversity training, and foster open communication channels.

There should be a zero tolerance to bullying and harassment.
Black people especially women wear masks in the workplace to suppress their emotions to avoid toxic work dynamics which usually have a long-term detrimental effect on your wellbeing and career.

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