Alisha Parchment is a Gen Z HR professional who has come a long way and has brought her passion and beautiful wealth of knowledge onto the space today.

In this episode, we ventured on an emotional and thrilling adventure where Alisha delights us on how she believes HR aligns with her and her goals as an individual.

She says that most people think “HR is all about firing and hiring people and there are so many negative talks about it” but she begs to differ, she delves into what HR truly means and how great of a profession it can be.

She also talked about how she created her brand and the stories behind it, how we can be more authentic as black HR professionals, what are the values and strengths that one needs to move on the HR ladder and how to pivot or navigate moving on with your career in HR.

To find out more about Alisha’s story, to see how she has broken the barriers as a black Gen Z woman in HR, and what her key advices are, kindly click the YouTube link below.