How do you link the reward and recognition strategy to today? Let’s dig in to see that, truly people can have the best Valentine Day moments.

The idea behind Valentine’s Day is a good one. LOVE! Through its history, Valentine’s Day has been an occasion for lovers to re-affirm their love to one another. It got a grander scope when friends and family members took the opportunity to express love for one another. So, as it stands today, Valentine’s Day is not just a lovers’ affair. It’s humanity’s way of making sacred and sensational the idea of love, care, and appreciation.

Let us give Valentine’s Day a wider scope.

The HR department oversee people. People at the workplace are part of the human community. And if sharing love, gifts, and heartfelt greetings feature the agenda on Valentine’s Day, then leaders can strengthen the workforce significantly every 14th February by following this trend. It makes sense to do so.

Leaders will not be breaking workplace policies by taking out a few minutes to recognise colleagues with a memorable Valentine’s Day themed celebration. By appreciating colleagues for the value they bring to the organization. Imagine the picture when employees feel valued especially those that don’t have loved ones. A day when love translates to ‘value add”.

Doesn’t this sound nice?

While the whole world celebrates 2022’s Valentine’s Day, we can make it a memorable one. We can use the day to show colleagues a duty of care, value, and appreciation.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Written by Adese Okojie