Salary Negotiations

Let’s talk money! Some of the hardest conversations in life tend to revolve around money and negotiating your salary is no different. Salary negotiation can be a hit or miss conversation, especially if you haven’t done the right market research on the current role.

It’s perfectly fine to compare and investigate salaries. However, without the proper investigation you are more then likely to settle for less. Did you know that women tend to settle for less while negotiating their salaries? This is because women are more then likely to think the first offer is the best offer and are willing to accept it. 

Although, this kind of conversation can be intimating, it’s very important to gain the correct knowledge to help navigate future discussions. As an HR professional, I’ve personally have experienced difficulties advocating for my salary. I can honestly admit this is not my area of expertise as I continue to learn and grow each year. Over some time I’ve put together some tips to make negotiating salary effective. Please review the following:

  1. Know Your Worth – It’s very important for you understand the going rate for this role in the market. Compare with competitor companies if need be. Do research within your geographic area. Know how much salary is running for in your city for that specific role, don’t under estimate your value.
  2. Reach Out to Recruiters – By reaching out to recruiters you are gaining knowledge to determine what those with your experience and expertise are worth. 
  3. Be Ready to Over Ask – Know the exact salary range for this role and aim for the highest range. Over asking is only setting a high expectation and illustrating you won’t settle for less. 

Overall, be confident, know your value and do your research! Always remember that the employer needs you more then you need them and continue to envision your success. 

Written by Yasimin Abir HR

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