How to Build your Brand for Career Growth

This week BWHR sat down with corporate Leadership Trainer, Coach and HR Specialist – commonly known as The People’s Partner- Michelle Raymond. We discussed the work Michelle does helping professionals around the world gain absolute clarity, upgrade their confidence, create consistency and continual growth within their business.

The People’s Partner is the brainchild of Michelle who formed the company in late 2014. Following a challenging incident where she was made redundant during maternity leave without consultation, Michelle saw the need to help change the way small businesses ran and employees were treated. Her aim was to understand business and work with them to deliver the right strategy that met their needs but also was fair to staff.

An insightful conversation was had about the ONS statistic that Black people across the UK have the lowest percentage of workers in ‘manager, director or senior official’ roles, at just 5%. Michelle explained the importance of the 3 R’s relationships, resources and risk. Listen as Michelle explains relationships are a currency and she encourages black people to step outside their comfort and culture zone. Challenge your thinking and go to predominantly white male parties to be in those environments as this changes the way you operate giving you insight into how they think, what they talk about as we need to be in it to change it. 

Things cannot be changed from the outside. Michele explains the importance of using the resources around you like time and people to push yourself to the next level. Use your time wisely get mentored to get the ability to become a decision maker and be in the right line of sight. Lastly what risks are you willing to take to get to the next level; who are you willing to leave behind who are you willing to be visible is. Imposter syndrome may be a risk but you need to be there to open doors for others. If more black people think like this we can edge forward slightly. This is where we can take responsibility.

Michelle runs the and

You can follow her @michelle_raymond1 on Instagram and @Michelle Raymond on LinkedIn.

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