Job Seeker

Looking for new career opportunities is not fun! It can feel like a daunting task and a limbo of uncertainty. How do you process being in-between jobs or being in a transitional place within your career? I personally hate the feeling of continuously having to put myself out there for work. 

In this blog post, I want to share some insightful tips on how to be successful and consistent while job searching. 

1.Resume Check – Start by ensuring your resume is up to date and reflective of your current role and educational background. Highlight all areas of versatility, such as company projects and personal portfolios. Tailor your resume to each job posting to guarantee a callback. 

2. Apply, apply, apply– Apply to jobs as many times in a day. At least a minimum of 3-5 resumes a day sent out. Use job search engines such as; LinkedIn and Indeed.

3. Be Creative – Let your approach be creative. Reach out to recruiters or companies on social media, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

4. Be Optimistic – Remember what you envision for yourself is what you bring to life! If you want that dream job, keep applying and imagine yourself getting that job.

Although, it can be a discouraging process having confidence is super helpful. With confidence, you have the ability to attain your goals with ease and believe in the process. I hope this post was useful for all job seekers! Good Luck on your journey. 

Article written by Yasmin Abir HR

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