Networking is your Net-Worth

The love-hate relationship with networking is real! We have all heard the phrase “Your network is your net-worth”, but how many of us really believe this? The ability to be vulnerable for the sole purpose of seeking connections can be nerve racking. Networking is essential to your career development, and the sooner you learn this the better it is for you. In this blog post I have compiled a list of areas for networking and the benefits behind networking.

What’s vital is building on your professional portfolio outside of just your education and work history. Ultimately, with the right network image how much faster your career could flourish giving you the desired financial net worth.

Opportunities for networking:

  1. Network at school (college & university) preferable before graduating with professors/peers.
  2. Network through the community.
  3. Network at professional events.
  4. Network through a mentor.
  5. Network on social media (Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn & Facebook) send direct messages to those in your ideal role.

Benefits behind networking:

  1. Career advancement.
  2. Builds confidence. 
  3. Strengthens connections.
  4. Opportunity to gain immense knowledge.
  5. Long-term partnership/friendship/connections.

Remember being practical and breaking out of your discomforts can help you reach your desired goals. Networking can help you land your dream job, dream title, dream home, dream partnership/friendship, etc. Networking can build communities that last a life time!

Written by Yasmin Abir HR


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