A Legend & Her Lesson

Serena Williams had officially penned down her decision to leave the scene of tennis. To leave the scene is a better word than to retire quoted Serena in her recent interview.

Serena Williams is a world champion in the world of tennis. She altered the world of women tennis with her style of game and won 23 grand single titles. Her name shares places with the stars from every occupation.

We all know the legend that has become of Serena. The question is if we know the lessons her life created and how they can work for us. Serena, who will be 41 this September, is one of the greatest black women in the world that other women can look up to.

Serena had been sneered at many times but her understanding that “people who said it cannot be done are those who cannot do it” helped her to stay focus on the goals she set for herself.

Serena always got herself back up when she failed. Her comebacks help reinforce the altruism that when you fail, get back up. If you think you can.

We as women love role models who remind us that we too can live well and be legends in our personal spaces. No time is right for us to begin to create magic moments in our career like now. The world of HR is fraught with so many challenges that are begging for us to put in more mind and energy into.

Inequality, diversity issues, and inclusion lapses are areas that need our lights to shine on. We must learn from those throwing their voices and knowledge into these matters and add ours into the mix for a stronger effect.

Some naysayers keep making our initiatives around equality, diversity, and inclusion look like time-wasting affairs. Should that deter us from putting in more efforts? That should be the time when we do more to prove that we have these goals to achieve and that we know what we are doing.

Setbacks are common in life, so are comebacks. When your work fails in any way, quitting is never the next step. It is for this goal of putting in more work to bring about series of victories in HR is why BWHR is still here. It is why the 2nd BWHR Annual Networking Conference in November promises to offer great values to help you take leaps in your career.

The conference will reaffirm your working principles and reset goals and strategies to help you make progress going forward.

Register for the conference and book your seat. Do not let another person tell you how it went. Be there to see it all happen and see improvement in your career.

Thank you Adese Okojie

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