What’s Next for Twitter?

Different reactions greeted the announcement of Elon Musk’s $44b worth takeover of Twitter. People called it an audacious move. Some others said the richest man in the world was being narcissistic and only wanted to show off that he could pull off such amount of money. And still, others called it the best acquisition to have ever happen in the century.

In his tweet, Elon said he wanted to make Twitter sponsor free speech and democracy. That means the digital town-square would become more of a place where people could express themselves without fear of being silenced. That means more social changes can begin.

Taking over Twitter means bringing new changes to the micro-blogging site which includes reducing censorship, allowing the edit feature, and introducing new algorithms.

Now, here is the sense of it. Individuals with financial resources can help steer social narratives in a new direction. What becomes difficult for a million people to do to get the government changing policies can be done by an individual with the money, for the people.

Imagine a scenario where society begin to fund social processes to help us cover incredible milestone in our work for equality, diversity, and inclusion in the workplace and society. There are many ways to make that happen and it takes wanting to make it happen to find them.

Whether or not the new Twitter promotes free speech and democracy, whether or not all Elon care about is increasing his net worth, the lesson here is that a citizen with money can redirect social narratives.

Adese Okojie, CEO & Founder

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