Job Sharing – How to Get Started

In this week’s BWHR talk we sat down with job share speakers and consultants Hannah Hall-Turner and Rachel Maguire who together form The Job Share Pair. We discussed how they first began to job share, explaining how they started their company to share all the knowledge they wish they knew when they started and to spread the message that job sharing is an accessible option for all. 

Listen as they speak about their passion to make job sharing more accessible and successful, normalising it as a fantastic way of working that benefits all. They explain how they set up their website to assist organizations to create a high performing, flexible operation; in a way that fits their company culture. 

Hear as they share that job sharing reduces burnout and the Friday lul, allowing workers to give their all increasing engagement, retention, productivity and producing solution-driven results. 

An insightful conversation about the positives and negatives of job sharing was had including finding the right balance and method that works for you and your partner in your organisation. 

Sharing a recent study that showed people who job share are 30% more productive than full-time workers, they explained how, if possible, organisations should work to embed flexible work and job sharing however possible in their workspace. 

The Job Share Pair run the website

You can follow them @thejobsharepair on Instagram and LinkedIn