Show up as Black!

For a very long time, colourism has affected the lives of many black people negatively. It comes from within the community as well as without and is a big issue in the black race. We find that sometimes, the light-skinned people are more accepted in the society.

This month, British Vogue displayed the most beautiful cover I’ve seen, and I bought a hardcopy for my Library. Nonetheless, I have heard so many stories of black women who dared to dream big things but did not pursue their dreams because their dark skin colour did not make them feel worthy enough. 

There is this sense of gratitude expected from dark skinned women who are doing well which makes it difficult to speak up when they feel discriminated. Apparently, they should be happy to have achieved all they have, given how they look. I know one should always be grateful, but by silencing the voices of these women can lead to imposter syndrome and self-doubt. 

All women are beautiful no matter what skin shade. We should own our colour and know that we are worthy of love, admiration and success. Today, walk into that room showing up as your black authentic self!

Written by Adese Okojie CEO & Founder