This week BWHR sat down with Life coach, consultant, mental and emotional health advocate, author, mothers champion, blogger, and the founder of B.I.G Outreach Charity Anthonia Keji Moses(MCMI) to discuss how to prioritize your-self and how to grow from grief.

Sharing the inspiration of writing her book ‘The Journey Begins Here’ and how she took her fear and own feelings and turned it into a way to support other women that lack self love and have been through similar experiences of herself.

A personal conversation was had where Anthonia shared her personal experiences on having a miscarriage in 2018 and how she felt left alone with no support. That inspired her to start the concept in B.I.G outreach and offer a safe space to parents that have gone through a similar journey of grief.

Check out the full interview on our YouTube linked below

An insightful conversation about how to start putting yourself first and she shared the concept of FLY First Love Yourself. She explained how we can only love and give others from an overflowing cup and that we must first love and honor ourselves. She explains how to make this part of our daily habits and shares some gems in the best ways to do this.

Once again, it was a pleasure to have you share your insights with BWHR and our members.