How To Create Excitement Where There’s None

When you think about a delicious meal, your brain activates a chemical that makes a craving for that food happen immediately. When you think of sex with a crush or someone you love, your brain activates a chemical that makes you feel horny and ready for the act. When you form certain emotional thoughts, the brain activates chemicals to serve these thoughts. It is in this that we see the secret of intentionally creating the mental states you want to be in.

People wake up in the morning after a bad night and carry on the day like they won the lottery. Why did that happen? Because they switched their mood from an unpleasant one to a pleasant one and that makes their day go well.

Thoughts change things. Thoughts can form a feeling of excitement around you to help you pass through the day with less stress. Excitement is an emotion that can make you accomplish so much effortlessly because you are just excited to be doing them. No matter the burden or pain in facing a day or a task, intentionally forming excitement towards a task can create the feel-good mood that forms the energy that takes you through what needs to be done.

Excitement is an emotion that can fuel your reception or attitude to anything. When you want to confront a task, it is good to work up excitement in you. That way you stir your brain to release the feel-good chemical all over your body and make you perform the task without bore. With excitement, you create a positive attitude to do things that may seem hard at first.

The following list is areas of your life where you should create excitement whenever you want to give attention to them.

Be Excited About The New Day

When you wake up every day, the first thoughts in your mind will be figments of your dream, thoughts of major events of the previous day, or the worries or expectations for the new day. The dominant thought of the first few hours of the day will affect how the rest of the day goes. These thoughts ground themselves in your mind through the agency of your feelings. Your feelings mark the character of the day.

If in the first few minutes of waking up, you form thoughts of excitement for the day and stay on it, the whole day is likely to pan out well for you. Being excited for the day is an expression of gratitude for your life and gratitude attracts more things to be grateful for.

Be Excited About Work

Mondays are a bore for a lot of people and usually, the rest of the workdays are like Mondays. The workdays of the week get their unpleasant character because of work in the days. People are not usually happy about work even those who get highly paid. If people can, they rather have their wages rain onto their laps without work.

Work is best approached with excitement. And the feeling of excitement can be formed from your attitude to work, your ability to perform, the expected rewards, a feeling of motivation, or the connection of your work to an overall goal that you are pursuing. The feeling of excitement releases the energy and motivation required for everyday’s work.

Be Excited When You Pick Up A Book To Read

One of the things people say against reading is that it is a bore. What fuels this lazy attitude towards books is the enjoyable distractions people find around themselves. Television and social media offer people pleasure than the words on the pages of books. So we see a lot of people wasting their lives away laughing and playing on the altars of pleasure.

If you are not excited to read, you will deny yourself the self-improving benefits of books. Your excitement when you pick up a book could be the expected rewards of knowledge or information gained from reading. That mindset alone can make time fly while you read and that is never a waste of time.

Be Excited About Going To The Grocery Store

Shopping can sometimes be unpleasant especially when you have been worn out by work and other time-consuming activities. It may become tiring to go out to the supermarket to shop for food. What is happening is that the brain is reacting to the possibility of additional stress and prompts you not to go for what is likely to cause more stress even if your life depends on it. Just make the switch. Form excitement and your brain will agree with you that what may cause more stress holds the potential for good.

Be Excited About Laundry and Home Cleaning

People live within untidy apartment not because they are lazy folks without a sense of hygiene. They are just not excited about cleaning their homes. Even some people with attractive characters live within untidy spaces. Everyone who gets excited about home sanitation always gets it done and they get it done in their moments of low because a part of their brain attaches pleasure to a tidy space.

Be Excited About Welcoming Friends or Going To See Them

You can spend time with friends without feeling the time was wasted. Some relationships demand you put the time into making them work and when friends are committed to you, you are to show the same measure of commitment or you lose your respect with them. When the thought arises to pay a friend a visit, become excited about it. And when you’re notified of a friend’s visit, be excited about it. No matter how short time is with friends, become excited with every moment.

Be Excited At The Thought To Plan Your Life

Sitting down to plan how your life should go in the next coming years is not a fun sport. In fact, it is not fun at all and that is why only a tiny few do it. But it is important to have your life planned out, otherwise, the world will lead your life to how it should rather be. Be excited about goal setting and visioning. Be excited about the mathematics of subtraction, addition and the multiplication of elements in your life. Be excited about the prospects of a well-planned life and enjoy every moment spent in laying that down and working towards it.

Be Excited About Who You’re In Love With

Be excited about your love life, be excited about who you’re in love with, be excited about the journey and how many lessons have come from it. Being excited about who you’re in love with will feed you with loving thoughts that renew that lover before you and refreshes the relationship. This has become a missing ingredient in marriages today causing marital conflicts and divorces. When the fires of love die out, the excitement for the loved one can rekindle the love.

Excitement can bring you into positive states that make positive things happen in your life. It starts with knowing that you have the power to form thoughts of excitement and use them as support for every moment of your life. This will not completely take away depressing or worrying thoughts, but once you lock in on excitement you can make the best moments of your life full of light.

Written by Victor Negro