Should Workplace Inclusion become a Policy?

The workplace is one hot spot where the saying is true that the world is a global village. Natural cultural evolution, widespread immigration, new rising markets, and advancing technology are factors rapidly changing the workforce of businesses across the globe. HR and Talent Managers are facing a challenge of this rapid change that bring a balance in their recruitment process by employing not only homegrown people but others from a different race or nationalities, are known to create a beautiful workspace. Diversity at workplaces is the new wonder of the world.

Companies that prioritize diversity and inclusion perform better than those who don’t. Doing business is not only about having huge turnovers and profits; it is more like The Hunger Game. In the workplace, everyone joins as a collective force to survive and win. Bringing racial diversity into this collection, treating each member with equity, and allowing them to freely contribute to processes brings several benefits to the company, including the advantage of a competitive edge in the market.

There is a huge talent pool within the minority population which recruiting managers are not seeing because they recruit through lenses of racial biases without knowing it. Though this doesn’t happen in all cases, some people will not recruit qualified talents because they are from another race or do not look like the dominant race within their organisation.

Black people had the highest unemployment rate out of all the ethnic groups (9%) 2020 Gov.UK

The facts, however, do not lie. There are thousands of qualified men and women waiting to take up work and give their best contributions. If businesses want to tap into the changes going on in the world, bringing diversity to the workforce is the starting point as the different cultural backgrounds of employees will add a lot of varieties to business processes. When everyone gives their voice to the collective voice, there is a louder reverberation of the sound of such a business.

We at BWHR want to help businesses to bring diversity into their workforce, not just by faces from different ethnicities but by a variety of brilliant minds who will add to the strength of the organisation. Organisations, therefore, must make diversity and inclusion a part of their recruitment policy.  As a positive action to your recruitment process, you can now advertise on our job board as part of your EDI strategy.

Adese Okojie, Founder