Your Head is The Plug.

It is alright to seek connections. It is alright to believe other people can help you climb up if they know your potentials and see your bright future. It is alright to expect to be lucky in getting people shower sympathy on you and give you a hand up. But, one thing is not alright.

It is not alright not to know that you are your greatest asset, that you are your biggest connection. It is not alright not to know that you are your own bridge and then fail to build it. It is not alright not to know that you are the foundation of your big picture and that without you that picture will fade.

You cannot plug a wire to a socket if the wire doesn’t have a head that fits into the socket. You can manage to insert the wire like a Y into the socket but it can only stay there for a while. Unless the wire has a head designed to fit into the socket and can stay there, it will always fall out dead.

It is the same with you. If you do not work on your head, you will not fit in with the people you think you badly need in your life. You cannot plug yourself into places where education or the wisdom of life’s experiences did not design you for. Even if you carry so much spiritual power and anointing, if your head is not trimmed to fit in there, you will fall out.

Your character doesn’t have to look made in heaven, and what you know doesn’t have to look like the contents of an encyclopedia. But character and knowledge cannot be exchanged for anything else in your desire to sit at large tables. Character is where your attitude and behaviour are. Knowledge is not only the streams of your book knowledge but the sparkles of life learnings and understanding and the wisdom they make you apply in diverse situations.

Some individuals currently have the connections that they need but their head cannot plug in. The moment they trim themselves up and get their head straight they will recognise these people around them. One of the words these people might tell them is “you have changed”.

Your whole life changes the moment new updates enter your mind. You will know because you will become informed and confident. You will stand ready like a masterplug ready to fit into as many situations as present themselves.

The trick here is to learn more. Expose yourself to more situations that brush the oldness out of your life for new experiences. As you stretch yourself, your desired situations will thin out closer to you. The future you are magnetising is also magnetising you.

Culled from my unpublished book, I, Come Forth: How To Live A Successful and Victorious Life.