Negative Creative Thinking

The more creative your mind is, the more creatively you can think negatively. Through negative creative thinking, you build up worlds, situations, characters, and conflicts in your head. In this negative world of yours, you make yourself look like a helpless protagonist facing a lot of enemies – humans, animals, and forces. Even your light switch or stove can become your enemy. Your mind created these things because it is thinking negatively.

This negative world of yours looks so real because you feel it without a doubt that it is real. Meanwhile, it is you who is misinterpreting normal occurrences around you and turning them into daymares and nightmares. Every human does this, but no one does it like those whose imagination runs wild, I mean creative people.

No doubt, people bring their games to you and the effects of a lot of past causes suddenly happen to you. But, most of the time, you overreact and blow things out of proportion. You make a mountain out of a molehill and then cry for the cross you make yourself carry.

So, this is the counsel you should follow. Be careful of your thoughts. Always think about what you are thinking about. Tell your mind to sit when it is trying to go on autopilot. Don’t dig your own grave.

Think positive thoughts and live happily.

Written by Victor Negro