The Power of our Community

How do we take solace and find the reassurance that we are all alright? I say, we do that by staying together!

The future may appear uncertain to some of us following the recent developments in the world, the surprise of the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic and the isolation caused by the lockdown disrupted a lot of our plans.

It almost seemed the world can finally step feet outside, breathe in nature’s air, and continue about its normal businesses but we are again terrified by a new strain of Covid -19 and sent back indoors! A lot of us may’ve even crafted plans but the unpredictive times may have forced many to keep their dreams nested in the chamber of their dreams.

Now is the time that we have to stay closely knit together as the importance of our community is here iterated. We need to keep hope alive and handle our work and personal lives with undepleted energy. We need a community like Black Woman in HR to help keep us in check and not lose faith in our ability to be our best selves in whatever situation we may be. We need to know that we have others who are not only looking after us but with whom we share common interests.

The reason why we are here is to evolve into better versions of ourselves, to add to what we know, to learn skills that help us master our attitude to life and work! The beauty of a community is that we enjoy exclusive content designed with everyone in mind. If you have a concern needing attention, it is why BWHR is here; to listen and encourage you so that we can connect and value each other which is the beauty of the BWHR community.

Join us and together with the light of hope beaming in our hearts we will make our community better!

Adese Okojie, Founder