See The Positive, Be Positive.

Stop looking for what is going wrong in your life. Stop interpreting the words and actions of people in a negative light towards you. Stop making people appear as gods over your life.

Stop interpreting signs and omens as having the potency to nullify your desires and needs or to see them as having the power to disrupt what is coming your way. What you focus on grows. It is a law!

What you focus on, grows, in your reality. Because what you focus on grows, you can see how you have been giving power to others by thinking their words and actions can break you or dull your shine. They too are probably thinking your words and actions are trying to break them. It is the narrative of this system we call reality to see others as your enemies when in fact the real enemies are hiding behind the curtain of reality.

Hold on to this. Your thoughts are powerful. Science has proven this. Our experiences prove it too. Choose then to focus on the positive things happening in your life. The rejuvenation you sense upon waking up. The joy you get from a morning cup of coffee. The little things bringing gladness to your heart. Your work and the power of your talent. The smile of that cute little child. Just think of it, there are more positive things to think of if you actually think of it!

Be known to be a positive producer of happy moments in your life and in the lives of those around you.

You are not a victim! You are a victor. This is not a motivational statement. It is a living fact. See it. Be it.

Written by Victor Negro