Recognising World Culture Day

The World Cultural Day, as many love to call it, reminds us that diversity is Nature’s design and we all have to work with it.

Let us paint a picture. Imagine having a garden with only lilies and having another garden with lilies, roses, and all the other lovely and colourful flowers in the world. Which make a lovely sight every day? Of course, it is the garden with diversities of flowers!

The beauty of our world is that we can exist as human souls in different colours of bodies and still enjoy community. Racism and the many shades of inequality are expressions of people who fail to agree with Nature in the design for a diversity of colours. Like different flowers in a garden all uniquely made but collectively serving the beautification of the land, humans are the same! We are all different, diverse, unique individually, but we are all to serve the purpose of beautifying our lives and experiences here on Earth.

We leave our different homes and come to our workplaces to contribute to business success and prosperity. Our collective efforts make more sense when everyone in the organisation is given an equal seat at the table. The workplace is one of the testing grounds for people’s understanding of diversity. You don’t test diversity at home. You do so on the streets, in workplaces, and everywhere else that people congregate.

Allowing racism, disregarding diversity, fostering inequality and a lack of inclusion are all expressions from people who are failing to understand the world as it is. They want it to be as they want it.

The test of humanity now and into the future is how pure we can all perceive cultural diversity and take the rich advantages of it. How beautiful it will be to see Blacks, Whites, Asians, Latinos, Indians, and every other cultures inbetween, sit at tables in love and harmony and fashion out designs that make our lives more beautiful and secure. This is what the World Day of Cultural Diversity flagged over our consciousness.

The World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development is a United Nations–appointed international holiday for the promotion of diversity and dialogue issues. It is currently celebrated on May 21. The UN General Assembly proclaimed this holiday based on UNESCO’s Universal Declaration on Cultural Diversity in November 2001.

World Cultural Day is an opportunity to help communities around the world understand the value of cultural diversity and learn how to live together in harmony. At BWHR we will continue to champion equity and inclusion for black women.

Adese Okojie, Founder BWHR

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