Leading for Growth and Breaking the Bias

This week BWHR sat down with award-winning HR specialist, Leadership coach, speaker and author Melanie Folkes-Mayers. We discussed her company Eden Mayers HR Consulting as she walked us through what motivated her to start up her own business and her work providing bespoke HR support and advice to her clients. Melanie explained how she felt she was not being challenged enough at work and decided to start up a new venture so she could have the flexibility she needed.

An insightful conversation about her book ‘Leading for Growth’ was had with Melanie explaining that often times people find themselves in managerial and leadership roles without any experience. This can lead to many things going wrong within a business with communication breaking down at all levels. Listen as Melanie explains how she wanted to create a step by step guide that was easy to access so that everyone can be come to leader they have the potential to be and inspire growth within the business.

Discussing Breaking the bias in HR Melanie said the biggest thing is you cannot be what you cannot see, it is really about taking opportunities to progress. Melanie explained the value in succession planning and the importance of giving the right experience like shadowing and mentoring to allow individuals within your company to grow. As HR professionals we must take a deeper look at the business and understand its deeper goals and show what we do has an effect on the bottom line. We are skilled we know our stuff we must now demand a seat at the table.

Listen as she delves into the problem of ‘The Great Resignation’ explaining that if you do not show appreciation for your employees they will most likely not stay. The main reason for the great resignation Melanie shares is employees have not felt love, appreciation and support during the pandemic and now what to find work elsewhere. It is not just about money but company culture, flexibility and career progression Melanie says.

Melanie runs the website https://www.edenmayers.com

You can follow them @Edenmayershr on Instagram and @Melanie Folkes-Mayers on LinkedIn. 


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