Being Too Much to Too Many People

I know folks will relate to this. People have things they desire to start up. But, they are frozen by what others have said to them. At one point in their life, they have been told that they are too much of this and that.

Too…dreamy……rash…..confident….proud….overweight….thin…….inexperienced…..emotional…..talkativ…and many more other descriptions.

We do not forget things others have told us, especially when these cut into our perceived weaknesses and fears. Since starting anything usually begins from a place of need, fear, and lack, these words can cause “arrested development”.

Each time you give into people telling you that you are too much of, something happens you may not be aware of. You start trying to become less than you are so that you don’t come out offending those observing you.

What you may learn too late is that the energy and momentum you apply in your work or the things you are creating begin to dwindle. You burn out from the “cold breeze” of people putting out your fire.

You soon learn that the problem right from the start wasn’t you. It was them.

I remember coming up with plans for BWHR. There were a lot of discouragements here and there. And these came like the best pieces of advices or kindhearted suggestions. If I allowed these put out my fire, this lovely connection between me, BWHR and you would not have been made.

There are boxes of surprises waiting for you to discover if you push yourself to begin on something and continue on it. If you trust your guts and shun all the “you are too this and that”, you build power and gain clarity for that thing.

Be comfortable being too much of everything that you are, in so far as you are not stepping on toes.

Go out and be more

Written by Adese Okojie CEO & Founder BWHR