BWHR Talk : Employee Engagement and Productivity in the Workplace

Welcome to another 1-1 interview with BWHR today we are with Michelle Edwards all the way from New York!

Michele Edwards is the Vice President of Human Resources and Operations at Heartbeat, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Strategist and a Motivational Speaker.

Join us as she talks to us about Equality and Diversity and shares her experience and knowledge. She shares some key advice to people wanting to get into DEI operations and tells us about her own journey into HR and the process she took in getting there.

Listen above as she delves into the company Heartbeat, an advertising agency focusing on pharmaceuticals. She tells us about the company’s focus and how they work to ensure their people are taken care of as that is what ensures productivity and a successful company. She explains how the workforce put all their energy and ideas into looking after their clients due to satisfied at work. Work Culture is what breeds employee loyalty and engagement.

Once again, it was a pleasure to have you share your insights with BWHR and our members.