Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace & the Benefits of Mentorship.

We sat down with certified life coach and Managing Director at Build Your Vision Ltd Simone Phillips to discuss how senior leaders and companies can do more for those to diversify their workforce as well as mentorship and its benefits in all aspects of life and

Simone shares her own experiences with mentorship for both her personal and professional lives. She tells us how she is the first in her family to be a wife so she sought guidance in that aspect of her life from a mentor. Hear as she explains the benefits of mentoring and how it helps you learn from other peoples experiences and gives you a fresh perspective.

We are dealing with unconscious mindsets people have had for decades it cannot be erased after one session. Often times we attend programmes and workshops for D&I but once the workshop is finished no more is said about the topic. Here is where the problem lies, Simone explains, it needs to be an ongoing conversation on all levels of the company if you truly want to see lasting change

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Simone then gives us her thoughts on how senior leaders can inspire and help their workers of disadvantaged backgrounds become leaders and unlock their potential. Creating a culture where workers can come into work and be their authentic self is crucial. Hear as she explains that if workers are can’t be themselves and are putting on a mask at work it makes them lose trust in the managers and drains them emotionally. However, if senior leaders create an environment where they can be their true selves it allows them to open up. Over time leaders can guide their workers and truly unlock their potential. So, an inclusive environment is crucial. 

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Simone runs the website Build Your Vision LTD you can follow her @Buildyourvision on Instagram and @SimonePhillips on LinkedIn.