Is your Reward Strategy Fair?

How does HR measure “Performance”? How do we structure the process that help us see that we are effectively confronting the challenges in the workplace that we have all been too familiar with? What measures do we use in patting ourselves on the back that our employees are doing their jobs well?

Though workplace policies are not the same across all businesses, there are those challenges that are the same everywhere. What I will bring to light here is about “equality in bonus allocation for performance”.

It’s about that time of the year when employees receive bonuses based on performance metrics. This is a very good sport that incentivises workers to give their best for the remaining parts of the year. The problem is: this doesn’t always go down well. The equity card is raised up and inequality dances across the table, overlooking ethnic minorities, blacks, women, part time workers, and the silent ones.

The culture of not awarding bonuses and incentives across the table is a problem that needs to be nipped in the bud. How can HR address this problem will be one of the greatest metric to performance incentives.

Let’s look at it objectively! In the workplace, everyone brings something to the table by contributing to the growth of the business and its goals. People put their time and effort in reaching high levels of productivity. At the end of the day, only a part of the workforce gets all the rewards and others feel overlooked. In an organisation with different protected characteristics, it’s imperative to award  anyone on their merits alone.

Review; converse, question, award and congratulate!

Written by Adese Okojie CEO & Founder