HR Leader Spotlight

BWHR believes shinning a light on senior leaders in Human Resources will inspire young black professionals to achieve their career aspiration through hard work. We had the great opportunity of interviewing Dr. Tana M. Session; a Strategist | Consultant | Speaker; and presently based in Los Angeles, CA

What would you say are your lessons learnt in 2020?

I would say, goals need to remain fluid; Maintain multiple streams of income in case of disruption in one or more; Tell your loved ones that you love them and do not hold on to grudges – life’s too short!

As we begin this New Year, please tell us what you hope for in 2021?

I would like organizations to continue to focus on DEI and make it a top priority just like all of their other goals; That my family & I remain healthy and COVID-free; That I will be able to travel and visit friends and family again…with masks and social distancing!

Your career has spanned over two decades, what would you say you’re most proud of to date?

That’s a good question, for me generating enough revenue to allow me to remain a full-time entrepreneur since 2014; also being able to turn down lucrative job offers; and making more in my business than my highest corporate salary has been very good for me.

What advice would you give to a young professional starting a career in HR?

To the younger generation – Learn the “business of the business” in order to become a TRUE business partner. “I like working with or helping people” is not enough to be successful in HR. I dare say it should be at the bottom of the list of reasons why you want to be in the HR field to be successful.

To anyone in business what advice would you give?

STAY ready so you don’t have to GET ready!

What activities do you do to relax in your free?

I like to read; going on dates with my husband (mostly take out dinner/lunch at home now); take naps; star gaze (purchased my first telescope!) and that is amazing!

How can our members connect with you?

@drtanamsession on all social media platforms;; (my new Non-Profit Foundation)