Keeping the Momentum After BHM

Hello! 😊

I have been buzzing all year but more this Black History Month with pleasant memories celebrating my sisters everywhere. It was also a time to reflect on the realities on ground, to celebrate wins, and to anticipate that the future will indeed reward us for the work we are doing to bring dignity and prosperity into our communities.

The end of Black History Month does not signify the end of our commitment to addressing issues concerning Black people in the workplace and society at large. The same challenges persist, and it’s crucial that we maintain our focus and determination.
Going forward, I would like to remind us of what we should be doing to maintain momentum in our work:

Continuous Learning
We need to stay informed about the latest research, resources, and discussions related to racial equity in the workplace. Make sure to engage in ongoing education to deepen our understanding of these issues.

Advocacy and Allyship
Use our voice and influence to advocate for policies and practices that promote diversity and inclusion so that we can seize opportunities to encourage others to be allies and support the cause.

Employee Resource Groups
If your organisation has an ERG (Employee Resource Group) for Black employees, consider joining or getting involved. ERGs can be powerful vehicles for change and support within organisations.

Mentorship and Networking
Do well to connect with other Black professionals in your field. Share experiences, provide mentorship, and build a network of support to help each other thrive. Watch our for the BWHR programme that will begin Q1 of 2024.

Hold Your Workplace Accountable
Encourage your organisation to make lasting changes by holding them accountable for diversity and inclusion initiatives. Push for transparency and measurable progress. Make your voice matter; spread your influence.
Remember, our commitment to change doesn’t end with the calendar. It’s an ongoing journey, and together, we can make a difference.

Empowering Black Communities
We want to not only celebrate figures and dates in our communities, we, above all else, want to empower! To foster a more inclusive workplace and society, it’s essential we create and keep creating initiatives to empower Black communities. In your capacity as a professional and as a group.

Community Initiatives
Start or support initiatives that highlight the achievements and contributions of Black professionals within your organisation. This can include Black History Month events, workshops, and more.

Encourage senior leaders within your organisation to sponsor talented Black professionals for career advancement.

Volunteer and Support
Get involved in organisations and initiatives that uplift and empower Black communities. Volunteering your time and resources can make a positive impact.

Celebrate Diversity
Promote a culture of diversity and inclusion in your workplace all year round. Recognise and celebrate the unique contributions of Black employees and colleagues.
By actively participating in these initiatives, we can create a workplace that not only acknowledges Black professionals but actively supports their growth and advancement.

Thank you for being a part of the Black Women in HR community. Let’s continue our collective efforts to create a more inclusive and equitable workplace for all.

Together, we can make a difference!