Please tell us your name, job title and place of work?
Shakira Keddo, Assistant Director – People. The Greater London Authority

What would you say it means to be Black and working in HR?
There is something about coming from a very different place than my white counterparts. I come from a place of lived experience and with the best will in the world we could be writing people policies but I can given an honest account of whether there is an actual detriment from a diversity perspective beyond the words on a page.

How Important do you think mentoring is, in the HR?
Extremely, especially when it comes to sharing networks. It is actually priceless.

In your opinion, what are the key skills required to be a trusted leader?
Know your craft so that others know you are well versed in your skillset. Listen to your team and peers and take on feedback as it means you are willing to make changes to be the best you can be.

This year’s BHM UK 2023 is about celebrating & embracing our sisters – who would you like to celebrate today?
I would celebrate Rosa Parks. In a time where it was wrong to be black and wrong to be a woman, she stood her ground and at times I do channel her inner strength. Women like her is why I am the person I am today.

One advice to a young Black professional venturing into the HR Profession??
Journey around all the HR disciplines before you become a generalist and find an organisation that will support you with your CIPD.

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