Please tell us your name, job title and place of work??
Eva Phillips – HR Consultant – Business Owner – HR-Blossoms Ltd

What would you say it means to be Black and working in HR?
Being black and working in HR, like any other professional field, comes with a unique set of experiences and challenges. While it’s essential to remember that individuals experience may vary, there are a few things which sticks in my mind. HR professionals are often responsible for promoting diversity and creating inclusive workplaces. Our personal experience can inform our approach and make us more empathetic and effective in our role. Our ability to seek education and advocating for diversity in organisations can be both rewarding and challenging. As a black individual working HR it can be a path of personal growth and self-discovery. It may provide opportunities to develop leadership and conflict resolution skills that are valuable not only in your professional life but also in our personal life.

Whatever the experience we go through it needs to be recognised it will always be different to experience our ‘white’ counterparts go through. But our resilience and ability to build strong relationships at times can be our unique selling point – if we choose to utilise this skill.

How Important do you think mentoring is, in the HR?
Mentoring is of significant importance in the field of HR for a variety of reasons. Mentoring can help HR professionals, especially those new to the field. It will support them to develop their skills and knowledge and potentially provide an opportunity for career advancement. Mentors can provide guidance on career planning and strategies for professional growth.
Effective mentoring programmes can enhance employee retention and engagement within any organisation because employees who feel supported and guided by mentors are more likely to stay with their employer and contribute to their full potential.
Overall, I strong believe that mentoring is crucial in the world of HR for professional development, knowledge transfer, and career advancement. If conducted correct it could in turn support the development of HR professionals and as a result contribute to the success of HR departments. Whilst promoting diversity and inclusion within the field. I have seen effective mentor first hand and believe it’s a valuable practice that helps HR professionals grow and thrive in their roles. I can truly say without my first line manager and mentor who believed in my ability to work in HR I would not be doing what I do now.

In your opinion, what are the key skills required to be a trusted leader?
I believe that trusted leaders possess a combination of interpersonal, communication, ethical and strategic skills that enables them to build and maintain trust among their team and stakeholders. Trustworthy leaders are guided by strong moral, and ethical principles. In my experience trusted leaders not only exhibits the above combination of skills but also have a high level of integrity, empathy and accountability to ensure they are able to foster trust. I have observed successful teams and what sits at the foundation is a high level of Trust, which in turn encourages collaboration, loyalty and the willingness from team members to follow their leader’s guidance.
Without the above skills teams and organisations can potentially end up feeling dysfunctional and at times creates a toxic culture.

This year’s BHM UK 2023 is about celebrating & embracing our sisters – who would you like to celebrate today?
I have to celebrate my mum. She is a fierce, honest and an inspirational person. Her character is down to her experience over the last 70 years. If I grow up to be just 1% of her character I would have consider myself successful and blessed.

One advice to a young Black professional venturing into the HR Profession??
Believe in your conviction and in your own ability. There are going to be times when you will doubt yourself and your knowledge – make sure you surround yourself with the right people and noise which celebrates your experience and the value to bring to the table.
Also there will be times you may feel that HR sometimes comes across as a dark art and it sometimes feels like we are talking a different language. But remember when you strip it all back to it’s core it just about being ‘Human’. Understanding that as long as we put people at the centre of each decision it always works out well. Entering HR as a profession can be scary and daunting – so find yourself a mentor, expand your network and make sure you are in rooms which takes you out of your comfort zone. Believe in you own worth. Remember that in bringing yourself out of you comfort zone it will enable you to build on your experience and knowledge at a faster rate. Finally, do not be afraid to make loads of mistakes, as this is when you learn the most.

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