Saluting Our Sisters

Dear Black Woman 😊

It is with joy that I salute with you as we celebrate another occasion of Black History Month. This period, we embark on a journey to honour the incredible achievements of Black women in HR and beyond. We find ourselves at a crucial juncture in history where recognising the accomplishments of Black women is not just a gesture of appreciation, but a necessity to change the narrative of Black people in the HR sector and society. Black History Month is a time in history to celebrate Black people’s achievement and through Black Women in HR, we choose to focus on celebrating Black women.

Why Black Women?
The question often arises: Why focus specifically on Black women? To this, we respond, “Why not Black women?” Throughout history, Black women have faced unique challenges and triumphed over adversity in remarkable ways.

We acknowledge that the voices of Black women have been suppressed, silenced, and sidelined for centuries. The application of “adultification bias” has led to the rights of Black girls being diminished or ignored, and the disparities in healthcare outcomes, such as a Black woman being five times more likely to die during childbirth, demand our attention.

Black women have been unfairly stigmatised in the workplace, where natural hairstyles or protective styles are sometimes deemed unprofessional highlighting the inherent biases in our society, generally, and at the workplace, specifically.

We cannot overlook the issues of Black femicide, violence against Black women, and the historical injustices faced by Black women like Sarah Bartman and Henrietta Lacks, who endured the objectification and exploitation of their bodies.

So, when asked, “Why Black women?” we assert that we celebrate them because it is always the right time to do so. It is essential to recognise the contributions and resilience of these extraordinary individuals.

We Rise!
Please, remember that, despite the challenges, we persevere, and we will carry on the mission to right the wrongs in the workplace and society. In the face of adversity, we not only survive but thrive. Despite the systemic racism and negative outcomes thrown at us, we rise and make our mark in history. We will continue to show ourselves as worthy examples to generations coming after us.

In the inspiring words of Coco Gauff, the US Open Champion 2023, “To those who thought they were putting water on my fire, you were really adding gas to it.”

To all Black women, wherever you are, whoever you are, we salute you! Join us as we honor Black women’s achievements, amplify their voices, and challenge the systems that oppress via our social media platforms this October 2023
#SalutingOurSisters #WeMatter