One question I’m asked is “ why”, “what” or the motivation? For creating Black woman in HR

Here are some of my whys!

  • Passion ignited by bridging the gap and championing EDI

 BWHR was created with the burning desire to drive change, bridge the gap, and create a level playing field in HR. My unwavering determination, lived experiences as a Black woman navigating her career in HR in the UK with the recognition that the HR sector needed a catalyst for change, a voice that would boldly advocate for Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) matters. It was clear that someone had to step up, so I fearlessly and willingly took up the mantle in 2019.

  • A vision, supported by the community

 BWHR is a social enterprise, grounded in the belief that the strength of our vision can transcend financial considerations. Our journey has been sustained by myself and the dedication of individuals who recognise the value of our mission. The people that continue to champion me when the drive becomes overwhelming our progress is solidified by your unwavering commitment.

  • The imperative of support that  we thrive together

As I embark on another chapter of our journey, I stand united in our belief that change is possible, but it demands a collective effort. We are not just building a community; together we’re constructing a legacy of equality, where voices of ethnic minorities in HR resound as catalysts for transformation. Each member, supporter, is an essential building block in this legacy. Your presence, voice, and advocacy have the potential to shape not only the HR sector but society at large and the workforce.

Looking back at my journey, I see a path marked by growth, resilience, and the notion that we can learn from each other’s past to create a better future. Each experience, setback, and victory has been a stepping stone to shaping me into the person I have become. The annual networking conference takes a lot of financial, emotional resilience, so much is invested back to the organisation without a profit at the end.

Your individual contribution, no matter the size, adds to the strength of our movement. Organisations that align with our values have the opportunity to become partners in our journey.

I will continue to champion inclusion in the HR space despite the many challenges.