Black Inclusion

As we approach the end of July 2023, I got thinking of  the exclusion of Black women and the inequality we face especially as our conference this year is looking at our “Visons for the future” in line with Black History’s Months theme. I couldn’t help but ask this question: how can Black women avoid being excluded?

I am seeking answers concerning how the narrative could be rewritten.

I think we need to begin thinking beyond conventional ways to right the wrongs at the workplace. We can make outcries on gender inequality, lack of equity and inclusion, and racism. We can demand policy changes and systemic overhaul, and yet get little or no result for these cries being made.

Shouldn’t we begin to think of better approaches?
People do not neglect sources of their livelihood even if the source is their enemy. It is why employees keep giving their time to leaders who lack equity. As long as they depend on these sources, they keep coming back.

Black women need to take the revolutionary approach to rebuilding their image.
Black women should begin to think about creating diverse solutions to known and unknown problems in the workplace. Once the floodlight is intensified on Black women leaders who are steering ship and building structures, maximum respect will be gained.

The system has to be reminded that Black people are important and CANNOT be neglected or excluded from important decision-making processes.
This may sound like a very hard task to get done but the truth remains that Black people need to start thinking outside of the box.

The days of begging to be noticed and included are over. Equality, Inclusion should not be a choice but mandatory.