How did you find the experience as a mentor?
Besides mentoring the persons assigned to me, the role I played as a mentor also boost my confidence and brought my hidden skills inspiring and developing others.
My passion for what I do felt like a rebirth i.e. my competencies and skills in HR were sharpened through mentoring especially globally. I was able to identify my strengths.

What were you key takeaways from the programme?
Technology played a vital role in being a mentor for international mentees.
The programme was greatly needed as covid open the eyes of individuals to see their potential and to stay focus.
The programme encouraged networking globally.
The programme needs to continue since people are changing careers, need motivation, need guidance.

Advice for anyone that is undecided about participating in the programme?
The programme helps you in your chosen career, motivates you and offers guidance.
It helps you to identify your strengths and weaknesses in order to develop as an individual in their personal and career goals.