Sanchia Alasia

How did you find the experience as a mentor?
I found the experience as a mentor on this programme very rewarding and fulfilling.  It’s great to be able to pull the ladder down and share my career experience with someone else.  BWHR put on lots of support sessions for us as mentors which were also really helpful.

What were you key takeaways from the programme?
My key takeaways from the programme were that it’s great when organisations such as BWHR can bring people together in a community like this to support each other to achieve our career goals and that if we work together we can achieve our goals.

Advice for anyone that is undecided about participating in the programme?
My advice for anyone that is unsure about participating in the programme is to go for itv- my mentee found a new role at the end of our mentoring relationship – whilst this outcome cannot be guaranteed for every mentee that joins the programme – im sure that the mentoring relationship they will have will be very beneficial to their personal and professional goals.