How did you find the experience as a mentor?
I thoroughly enjoyed it and it’s been a fulfilling experience. I’m super passionate about mentoring, and the programme is a great way to pay it forward and support the development and elevation of Black women in my profession.
I’ve also been able to expand my network of HR professionals through participating.

What were you key takeaways from the programme?
It is vital for black women to have access to black senior level mentors who having walked in their shoes, can validate their experiences and be great encouragers and supporters during their careers.
I also feel that through access to senior level black mentors, the programme mentees can have hope that women like them can also go far in their HR careers.

Advice for anyone that is undecided about participating in the programme?
I highly recommend this programme as a great way to support the next generation of emerging black talent in HR and to help them become more of who they already are!