Just Live!

Set goals if you will. Decide to reach new heights if such achievements will make you feel more alive. But whether you set goals or not, whether you break new records or not, whether people hear of you or not, just live.

Just live. You are not measured by what you have or by what you do. Your worth is not in what others see you as and never will it be in how you measure up. Whether you fit in or not, just live.

Just live. The coming days will come with their ying-yang, their good and bad; it is so certain that even the comfortable of people will know discomfort. Whether you sleep happy or not, just live.

Just live. Life is much more beautiful than the definition we give it. The beauty of life is that which is truly lived from within, starting with the knowledge of your beauty as a human being. You are more important than all the accessories that come to your name and your body, you are God living life. Whether you know this or not, just live.

The new year is not more full of opportunities as every single day you have. As you rise every day, live through each day with freshness, feel every moment, give and receive love and kindness, and as you truly live, you will see full life express itself through you, all good things shall be added to you.

Written by Victor Negro