Blessing Consciousness

Nothing is a coincidence. Everything you want is completely aligned to you! right now. It is already complete because you have thought it, felt it, and spoken it. Now just be grateful for it.

When you are busy counting your blessings, you switch your energy state from lack and limitations to abundance and manifestations. I am blessed is a declaration and a deep feeling that you trust the universe.

You are always taking your mind from the repetitive cycle of looking for what’s wrong to seeing what’s right in your life by celebrating your blessings now. This powerful way of thinking and speaking has shifted my life. It uplifts your mood, it opens doors within your spirit, and takes you on a journey of bliss.

Happiness is a choice by being busy declaring you are blessed so you change how you feel. You will no longer wait for circumstances to change to be blessed or happy. You are speaking it now. Shifting your mind and welcoming what’s already yours.

Your attitude is the most important thing happening in your life not what’s happening. Adjust your mental thoughts by claming blessings now. There’s so much good happening in your life.

There are things you might not even notice because your mind has made you forget what’s real. The truth is, you are blessed. You have always been. You just choose to recognize it when “something happens!” That way of living only takes away from your everyday happiness because you’re waiting for things to happen to feel blessed!

Celebrate now. Count your blessings. Look around you. Look inside you. You are extremely blessed!

Written by– Idil Ahmed.