The “Strong Black Woman” identity is often mentioned in the media.

The stereotype of the “strong black woman” is more than just a cultural trope. Black Women are often reported to feeling pressured by this trope to act like superwomen, being self-sacrificing and projecting themselves as free of emotion to cope with the stress of race- and gender-based discrimination in their daily lives.

The internalization of the Strong Black Woman is associated with negative psychological outcomes with many women feeling they can’t project their true emotions for fear of being judged. 

Oby Bamidale will be holding a MasterClass with BWHR at Black Women in HR Annual Networking conference on the 9th and 10th of November titled Redefining the Strong Black Woman

The Key Takeaways Include: 

  • Embracing the power of vulnerability for emotional resilience
  • How to use your emotions as your superpower
  • How to tune in and shut out the noise
  • Learn tools to prioritize your mental and emotional health 
  • How to set healthy boundaries and maintain inner peace.

Oby Bamidele is the founder of BARE Life Class, an organisation with a mission to change the narrative around mental health and well-being for Black women so that they can show up confidently in every space of life. BARE Life Class provides classes, courses and resources that specifically cater to the needs of Black women so they can heal learn and grow. 

Oby is a psychotherapist (BACP & NCP) coach and speaker. She is passionate about helping women get unstuck, building great emotional health so that they can thrive in life. 

Oby started her career in Accounting and Finance, later moving into HR and Operations Leadership. She currently holds two roles which she is passionate about – She is the Vice President of People and Operations for an Ed-tech non-profit whilst running her part-time private therapy practice and running BARE Life Class. 

Oby has authored and self-published two books “Finding Purpose” and “Me, My Hair and the Rest”. She has also written a variety of e-books and online articles on mental health and well-being which have been published in The Huffington Post and other well-known publications.

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