How To Break Your Heart

You can break your heart minding what people do and say, caring about those who desire to take your seat, and spending time with people who don’t have ambitions for success.

You can break your heart creating enmity between yourself and books, not learning under great minds, and not putting to practice what you learn.

You are already breaking your heart allowing the fetters of indoctrination to hold you down from soaring into the realms of freedom and liberty where many things are possible.

You do not know you are breaking your heart because it is silently happening. Like the sudden realisation with a disappointing lover, you may wake up one day and realise the many ways you broke up your heart, the many ways you disappointed yourself.

To not break your heart is to love yourself like you will love no one else and to allow yourself grow and blossom through the many opportunities that come your way to humbly learn and to courageously perform. When you are doing these, you should be reading, caring less for naysayers, and refuse to be boxed up into the circle of the unprogressives. You will see that you have truly lived.


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